Our Facilities

Boleybawn Horses is situated on 100 acres near Tinahely co. Wicklow.

We have a wide variety of facilites here for the horses. With over thirty stables we have plenty of room for both breeding stock and sale stock. Our facilities which are listed below allow us to keep working no matter what the weather and help make sure we keep injuries to horses and people to the very minimum. The facilities also provide a good chance for perspective customers to view horses.

Outdoor Sand Arena

This is where most of our flatwork and jumping is carried out for both the sporthorses and racehorses. It is free draining and offers a sure footing all year round except in extremes of weather.

We have a full set of showjumps including a water tray and various fillers and an adjustable size hurdle that we school the horses over here.

This gives them a well grounded knowledge before we move out on the grass or go competing.

Indoor Arena

The indoor arena is mainly used for lunging , loose jumping , long-riening and riding in bad weather.

It is an invaluable tool for breaking the young horses as we use it a lot to loose jump them with tack on and it is an ideally safe place to start long-riening them.

Also when we cannot get our horses out in extreme weather we loose jump the more experienced ones as a form of excercise and to keep their jumping sharp.

Round Lunging Pen

This is dedicated solely to lunging and long riening and is a great asset to us to do the inital groundwork with the horses. It offers a secure, safe enviroment for horses getting familiar with new tack which makes it essential to have this facility at our disposal.

Horse Walker

The horse walker is a Monarch, rubberlined, 6 horse walker which is indoor. It is 45 ft. in diameter which means the horses are not constantly asked to walk on a tight circle as is the case with many walkers. The floor is also rubber tiled which offers great grip and a safe cushioning should a horse stumble or fall.


We are blessed that the Derry river flows throungh the farm and has several safe access points a very short walk from the stables.

It serves as a great introduction for the horses to water and also has huge medicinal value for cooling and cleaning limbs. Many of our horses have depended on this as a part of their training or recuperation


Our galloping facilities are unique and of a most superior standard. There are 3 gallops, a 3 furlong sand circle, a 6 furlong uphill Fastrack (sand, rubber, gel) and a 1 mile grass gallop.

This gives the horses a great variety which broadens their education ,reduces the risk of injury and ensures the highest level of fitness. It serves as a great introduction for the horses to water and also has huge medicinal value for cooling and cleaning limbs.

Many of our horses have depended on this as a part of their training or recuperation

Cross Country & Racing Fences

There are 10 cross country style jumps contained in one field that can be jumped as a circuit. There are a variety of banks, ditches and fly jumps that give the horses a chance to see a good selection. In a seperate field there are always a selection of steeple chase and hurdle fences laid out.

We have baby hurdles, Easyfix hurdles, rubber brush type hurdles and both real birch and pastic birch steeplechase fences of varying heights. This creates a very good kindergarten for the sporthorses and racehorses and also is a good facility for perspective clients to view a horse over cross country.


A 6 horse 2002 MAN lorry does our transport along with a Hunter 510 double trailer. Both of these are well maintained , reliable and are a safe place for any horse.



Foaling Box

The foaling box is 20 ft x 20ft.

The feed pot and water trough are plastic and along with the hay rack are mounted high on the walls, this is to make it safe for a newborn foal that is trying to find its feet and is at risk of injuring itself off these items.

The box is monitored by CCTV and a Foal Alert system that is triggered at the first sign of a pending birth. When the alarm goes it automatically contacts 4 people on site by telephone who can attend the mare immediately.

Turn-out Paddocks

There are 7 turn-out paddocks dedicated to the horses that are in work and seperate ones for mares and foals.

We try to have each horse out for a run every day as we believe this is a huge advantage to their physical and mental well being.

They are securely fenced ,fertilised and kept free of poisinous weeds.