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About Boleybawn Horses


At Boleybawn Horse Farm we have concentrated on breeding, producing, and selling sporthorses since 2000.  Throughout this time, we have focused on improving the quality of the horses in our yard and this remains our top priority.  We are fortunate that the only source of our high-quality horses are bred from our own mares or purchased as young animals.

This means that we understand our horses’ full background and unique characteristics.  When you buy a horse at Boleybawn we can share with you a detailed account of its complete upbringing and training to date.

Our Breeding Programme:

The Boleybawn Philosophy

We keep 10 high quality broodmares that have been selected based on their own ability and their mother line.  Each year from our better competition mares we try to take some embryos also.   In total, we aim to breed approximately 14 foals each year.  The mother lines of our mares include horses such as Ratina Z, MHS Going Global, Boleybawn Perfection and Boleybawn Dynamo.  We believe that to warrant a new mare entering our programme it must be an exceptional individual from an exceptional family.  This does not mean a mare must have competed to a high level but she should have expressed that she has the natural ability to reach 1.40 m. competition level as a minimum standard.

Embryo Transfer Recipient Mare Hire

In 2016 we decided that if we increased the size of our herd of embryo transfer recipient mares that we could offer mares to other breeders on hire and make our own embryo transfer system much more efficient.  Breeders can now hire a mare from our herd to make embryo transfer hassle free and much more economical for them.

All our mares are specifically selected for their role as recipients and are cared for and kept on a customised diet.  For more information on this service call Ronan Rothwell 00353 87 6428155.

Rearing Our Young Horses:

All our young horses spend 8 months of the year at grass on our farm in County Wicklow.  In the Winter months they all come indoors and are housed in groups of 6 to 10 in loose pens.  Our foals receive course mix and haylage once weaned but the older animals usually keep well on a diet of good quality haylage and mineral supplements.   Our foals are de-wormed monthly until weaning and from that point on all the animals are de-wormed every three months.

In March, before all the horses are let to grass they all get a de-lice treatment and the younger ones are handled and loose jumped for 4-5 days.   At this point all the horses will have their feet trimmed and throughout the year any horses that need more attention to their feet are assessed and trimmed on a case by case basis.

Contract Rearing

Clients who wish to have their young horses reared at Boleybawn can make enquiries to Ronan Rothwell 00353 87 6482155.

Training Our Young Horses:

We usually begin breaking our 3 year olds in November.  When we are breaking young horses we are not merely training them to be ridden, we are preparing them for all the events that they will have in front of them in their future careers.  Loading into a trailer, picking up their feet, walking through water, loose jumping and lunging over cross country jumps is all a part of the process.   Hence the time spent with the horses is far greater than in many other systems but we believe that the horses are better off.

In the Spring the young horses usually attend some show jumping events, do some cross country schooling and then go to grass for 4 weeks break in the Summer.   When we compete our horses from Boleybawn we are rarely competitive as our main objective is to steadily educate the horses.  This leaves the horses in an ideal place for them to be competitive with their future riders.

Having Your Horse Trained At Boleybawn

We take limited numbers of young horses in to our stables for training and sale preparation.  As demand for these services are high prior booking is essential.  For more details call Ronan Rothwell 00353 87 6482155.